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Our mission is to show the love of God to people in and around Taylor by providing basic assistance with food, clothing, and emergency shelter, offering hope and help to all.



Shepherd's Heart Food Pantry & Community Ministries strives to be a place of hope and healing where individuals come to receive assistance to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, and emergency shelter; hear about the abundant life found in Christ; and be touched by the Good Shepherd while finding practical help for today, faith for tomorrow, and love that's eternal.

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There are numerous ways that you can serve the people of Taylor. Shepherd's Heart Food Pantry & Community Ministries has a variety of volunteer roles to pick from. SIGN UP TODAY!

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Giving financially to Shepherd's Heart Food Pantry & Community Ministries helps fund our operations. All financial contributions are tax-deductible. GIVE ONLINE TODAY!


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'For I was hungry and you gave me food...' 

Matthew 25:35



Shepherd's Heart Food Pantry & Community Ministries has been a joint partnership between the Taylor Area Ministerial Alliance (TAMA) and a group of volunteers (SH) dedicated to serving the Taylor community since 1993.  In fact, the Food Pantry has been a ministry of the community to the community for more than 45 years through TAMA. We added the Coat of Many Colors Thrift Shop in mid-2010 and it has become a vital part of the ministry, providing clothing and housewares to those in need and generating funds to purchase food.



TAMA sponsors the Pantry on Saturday mornings so that our clients get a good dose of God’s love from the Christian community. Eighteen churches and/or organizations participate. TAMA provides spiritual oversight and volunteers and conducts food drives throughout the year.

As a partner agency of the Central Texas Food Bank, Shepherd’s Heart is able to purchase food at a discount. It costs about $5.17 to fill a bag with food for distribution. We purchase at a discount from the Food Bank, but frequent food shortages there force the Pantry to rely on more expensive resources, such as purchasing from the Food Bank's coop at higher prices or purchasing at retail prices.  The Pantry has always depended on local schools, churches, and businesses for food drives.

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